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Houston ASA Chapter Sponsored Education

The Houston Chapter provides many educational opportunities throughout the year. These events offer members a chance to hone their skills, learn best practices in their field, and take courses required for advancement and reaccreditation. The Chapter makes every effort to offer these events and courses to members at the lowest possible price. Additionally, monthly Chapter webinars provide quality presentations in various disciplines.

Use the Contact Form below to make inquiries or give suggestions or comments about future events. Let us know if you would like to be more involved in the Houston Chapter committees or volunteer for events. 

Educational Highlights

  • USPAP UPDATE COURSES ARE SUBSIDIZED FOR HOUSTON CHAPTER MEMBERS. The 15-Hour BV Update 2024 Course was recently held. Inquire below as to future courses.

  • The award-winning Expert Witness Workshop & Mock Trial was held in-person and online  November 3, 2023, at the Texas Justice Center in Houston. Event recordings are available.

  • The fourteenth annual award-winning HOUSTON ENERGY VALUATION CONFERENCE took place May 16, 2024 at the Briar Club in Houston and virtually with an online live webcast. 

  • ARM POV Courses are available in Houston for by special arrangement. For more information contact Melanie Modica, ASA, ARM and scroll to bottom and click on ARM Courses. To read the latest ARM Committee Journal click here.

  • If you would like to become involved in the chapter as a volunteer or board member, please contact us using the Contact Form below. Suggestions for meeting topics are always welcome. 

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Every year the Houston Chapter offers USPAP update courses for free or for a low chapter-subsidized price for our chapter members.   Classes are either in-person or online. The BV 15-hour USPAP course will be held on June 13-14 for chapter members who specialize in Business Valuation. To register, use the Form above. Courses are limited to Houston Chapter Members.  Use the contact form below for information or questions. 

ARM 201 through 204 available online!

—have you been interested in offering APPRAISAL REVIEW services to your clients?
—are you already offering review services but not according to ASA methodology?
Comprehensive Appraisal Review and Management courses can be held on demand in Houston when 6 or more people request a class. ARM 201 and ARM 204 are the only required courses to apply for ARM designation. 
ARM classes are open to all ASA and non-ASA members and other professionals who could benefit from learning about Review and Management methodology and best practices. USPAP Standards 3 and 4 address Appraisal Review and Management and are applicable to all disciplines!
ARM courses focus on application and review report writing and assignment management. Course content includes  discussions on USPAP Standards Rules 3 and 4, report compliance, logical arguments, credible results, competency, scope of work, ethics, review report writing, management of multidiscipline appraisal assignments, and the management of appraisers, and more. The courses demonstrate the application of the appraisal review paradigm, methods of reviewing non-compliant reports, and record keeping requirements. Attendees work in teams and review appraisal reports in all disciplines.
AR201, AR203 and 204 are sponsored at reduced prices by the Houston Chapter.  ARM 204  is a 'hands-on' report writing class. Attendees review the concepts and standards learned in AR201 and then directly apply them to reports from various areas of practice. AR204 provides a working understanding of what an appraisal review report should include as well as exclude. This is the second and final POV course for the ARM discipline-specific designation. A laptop and 2 redacted reports for review are necessary for AR204. **Prerequisite: AR201 successful completion.
ARM 201, 203 and 204 can be scheduled on demand when 6 or more students desire to take the course. Contact course instructor Melanie Modica to make arrangements. (713-306-7966 office)
Details will be provided to attendees following course registration. Course materials will be emailed to attendees and printing of the Student Manual will be the responsibility of the attendees.  The current edition of USPAP is also required for each class day, in paper form or electronic. ARM 201 and 204 are required POV courses for obtaining the ARM accreditation. See ASA for more details.
Instructor: Melanie Modica, ASA, ARM, ISA-AM is an Accredited Senior Appraiser of personal property, fine art, with the American Society of Appraisers. Additionally, she holds an Appraisal Review & Management (ARM) designation for reviewing personal property appraisal reports.

Melanie has been a contributor to the ASA ARM Principles of Valuation courses, 201, 203, and 204, as well as an instructor and presenter. These courses are offered to members in all disciplines of ASA.

Melanie is current President of the Houston ASA Chapter, and Secretary of the ASA's International ARM Discipline Committee. She has served on the ASA International Personal Property Committee and was the Personal Property Chair for the ASA International Appraisers Conference, 2017, and was the first editor of the  the ARM E-Journal

Melanie holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree that includes post-baccalaureate studies in Management Administration & Supervision, and Art History. Her degree and studies led to an art education career in the Texas public school system.



HOUSTON CHAPTER - POV SCHOLARSHIP FUND: In conjunction with ASA International’s 501c3 Educational Foundation (“ASAEF”), the Houston Chapter has dedicated a scholarship fund for qualifying Houston Chapter applicants, candidates, and members to receive grants to pay for Principles of Valuation (POV) educational classes on a needs-basis.

GRANT APPLICATIONS: To apply for a grant, applicants in all disciplines (ARM, BV, GJ, PP, MTS, RE) visit the ASA’s Educational Foundation website page. Download, print, complete, sign and email your application. ASAEF will consider only needs-based applications, and administer the grants. This fund is intended for our chapter’s aspiring appraisers who may be in need of financial assistance. Please make sure you let the educational foundation grant administrator know that you are applying for Houston ASA Chapter scholarship funds which are dedicated to Houston Chapter members for multi-discipline POV courses.


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