Personal Property Appraisal in Texas Austin and Houston Region

Whether you have art, antiques, coins, furniture, artifacts or collectibles, ASA personal property appraisers can help you obtain a clear picture of their value. Our Houston Chapter personal property appraisers are happy to serve clients throughout Texas and beyond.

American Society of Appraisers Houston Chapter experts can provide you with an unbiased appraisal of a variety of assets.

ASA Personal Property Appraisers You Can Trust

Whatever your needs, members of the American Society of Appraisers Houston Chapter will help you determine the value of your personal property. When you choose an appraiser that has ASA credentials, you know you have chosen a competent, ethical professional.

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While all our personal property appraisers have a general knowledge of personal property valuation, some of our members specialize in appraisals of specific types of objects. For example, some of our members in the Houston Chapter are accredited in specialties, such as art, antiques, Oriental carpets, furniture, and decorative arts, while others specialize in coins, memorabilia, collectibles, or general residential contents.

Whether your appraisal needs are tax related, such as charitable donation or probate, or insurance related, such as scheduling property or claim settlement, or litigation services, our Houston Chapter is happy to connect you with accredited appraisers in the right field. Visit our Appraisal Disciplines page for an expanded list of appraisers.

The American Society of Appraisers Houston Chapter hosts a variety of events to keep our members current in trends and standards in the industry. These events also give our members the opportunity to exchange ideas and expand their views based on each other's experiences. Link here to information about the Expert Witness Workshop & Mock Trial or the annual Energy Valuation Conference

If you would like to contact a personal property appraiser who meets the gold standard for appraisers set by the American Society of Appraisers, look at the list below of ASA accredited appraisers in your area.

About Personal Property Valuation

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Personal property is tangible, movable and utilitarian, collectible, or decorative. It can be anything from paintings, antiques, coins, photography, vintage posters, Oriental carpets, musical instruments and more. A personal property appraiser identifies and provides a value for these types of objects. The American Society of Appraisers trains and accredits appraisers in personal property valuation.
NOTE: The designation ASA following the appraiser's name stands for Accredited Senior Appraiser and AM for Accredited Member. A Candidate member is one who is currently in pursuit of fulfilling the education and experience requirements to become a designated ASA member.

Barbara Blades Lines, ASA, ISA-CAPP is the Personal Property Discipline Chair for the Houston Chapter of the American Society of Appraisers.  If you have personal property valuation specific questions you may contact her at

Local ASA Personal Property Appraisers

  • Pamela Bensoussan, ASA, ARM, ISA AM
    Houston, TX
    Tel. 1 619 997-7782
    Specialties: Fine Art, Oriental Rugs & Textiles, Antique Furniture, Appraisal Review and Management, Expert Witness Services

    Barbara Blades-Lines, ASA, ISA-CAPP
    2210 Mid Lane #114
    Houston, TX 77027
    Tel. 1 832 696-7271
    Specialties: Decorative Art & Antiques, Fine Art

    Evan S. Epstein, ASA
    Fine Arts Appraisal Service
    2929 Buffalo Speedway, Unit 302
    Houston, Texas 77098
    T: 1 713.622.8824


  • Melanie Modica, ASA, ARM, ISA AM, CFLC
    Modica Fine Art
    2429 Bissonnet, #500
    Houston, TX 77005
    Tel. 1 713 306-7966
    Specialties: Appraisal Review for Personal Property, Fine Art Appraisals, Litigation Support & Expert Witness Services, Management of Multifaceted Assignments

    Alvin L. Stern, AM
    Rarities Room Auction/Appraisal
    10118 Altonbury Ln.
    Houston, TX 77031
    Tel. 1 281-933-8343
    Specialty:  Numismatics - Rare Coins & Currency

    Gail Faerman, Candidate
    5322 Grape Street
    Houston, Texas 77096

    Julie Kinzelman, Candidate
    3907 Main Street
    Houston, Texas 77002