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Join the Houston Chapter of American Society of Appraisers for its 11th Annual Award Winning 2021 ENERGY VALUATION CONFERENCE on Wednesday May 12, 2021 in a convenient VIRTUAL live webcast provided by Business Valuation Resources (BVR).

The HOUSTON 2021 ENERGY VALUATION CONFERENCE brings together pre-eminent energy valuation professionals and industry thought leaders presenting timely educational topics, including comments on the industry’s Post-COVID Energy Outlook. Featured speakers represent all sectors of the energy industry offering a variety of perspectives in business valuation, machinery & technical specialties, new accounting developments, appraisal review & management, real property, and more.

What makes energy valuation so important to appraisers?

This very dynamic and cyclical industry affects all cities around the world. Even if your client isn’t an energy company, energy can still play a vital role in its performance, cost structure and profitability.

What will attendees take away from 2021 EVC? 

A better understanding of the current economic and geopolitical conditions of the industry, and learn perspectives on challenges in energy valuations in this economic slump and COVID environment, including which sectors will return and when.  EVC is a very holistic and well-rounded conference that attendees enjoy and learn from – not just appraisers.  Our goal is to expand our outreach to include those in related professional groups and industry associates.  


Christi Craddick, Chairman, JD


“The Texas Model Works: Regulatory Certainty will lead Energy to the Brighter Side.”

The Texas RRC has oversight and enforcement over the state’s oil and gas industry. Commissioner Craddick's goal is to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the industry by jurisdiction over alternative fuels, natural gas utilities, surface mining and intrastate pipelines, IT overhaul, secure systems, and regulatory relief.


Karl Bartholomew, PE, ASA, MRICS, Senior Tax Advisor & Manager U.S. Property Tax


“Challenges in Valuing Downstream Manufacturing Assets (Refining & Petrochemicals)”

A high-level strategy discussion on the valuation of DOWNSTREAM entities which convert oil and gas into finished product.  Learn new strategies to employ when valuing Refineries, Petro-Chemicals, Terminals, Chemical and Gas Processing Assets in this dynamic and complex market that is shifting to renewable energy sources.


Daniel R. Olds, PE, MBA, Managing Senior Vice President


“What’s in your UPSTREAM RESERVE REPORT and What’s Not”

Learn the difference between reserves and resources, commercial versus economic, SEC Oil & Gas Reserve Reporting versus Petroleum Resources Management System (PRMS), and why reserve reports are not Fair Market Value reports.


Tom Ramos, BA, Managing Director

BDO USA – Houston

“Valuation of O&G Reserves & Business Analytics”

Enlightened discussion about valuing Intangible Asset Reserves in the midstream and downstream sectors for financial reporting purposes, purchase price accounting, goodwill impairment testing, international tax restructuring and tax planning purposes will be highlighted.


Pavi Mani, CPA, M&A Tax Partner


“Let’s Talk Tax in the post-pandemic M&A Arena”

Mani will demonstrate how to enhance value through tax structuring, prudent due diligence, tax modeling, and tax specialization.  She’ll delve into spin-offs, tax-free reorganizations, post-deal restructuring, NOL planning, section 382 analysis, stock basis studies, bankruptcy planning, workouts, and reorganizations.


George O'Leary, BS, Managing Director, OFS Research


“Oilfield Services valuations – and how adjustments will change post-pandemic”

Learn how the valuation of Oilfield Services Companies is changing post-pandemic. O’Leary analyzes OFS, midstream, LNG, and the valuation of renewable energy power and energy macro spaces. Learn new adjustments in financial analysis, strategic planning, economic forecasting, and equity valuations.


Javier Artola, MBA, M.Eng., Managing Director, Head of Midstream, O&G Investment Banking Group


“Midstream Valuations and Market Overview - Top 10 Strengths & Pitfalls of Midstream Valuation"

Javier Artola will identify the TOP TEN STRENGTHS & PITFALLS of MIDSTREAM valuations including businesses that process, store, transport and market oil, natural gas liquids.  Artola will focus on the evolution of valuation techniques utilized in MLPs and midstream companies and the impacts of COVID on the sector.


Kelly Kittson, Sales Manager - Energy.


“Going Once, Going Twice:  3-Minute Auctions of Used Energy Equipment.”

Learn how multi-million-dollar Energy Equipment is valued to sell at its highest value in a three-minute world-wide auction.  Ritchie Brothers has evolved into Upstream asset management and disposition solutions.  They will compare sales prices before and post-COVID, and share Ritchie’s successful transition from “in person” to “online”. 



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Who Should Attend? 

More than 200 professionals & executives from across the United States and countries as far and wide and diverse as Brazil, Kazakhstan, and Canada joined the 2020 EVC to gain a better understanding of the current economic and geopolitical conditions of the industry. Attendees were able to engage with the leaders to and discuss solutions to complex challenges faced by investors and clients during these volatile and challenging economic times. The broad-ranging conference enabled opportunities to interact with key players from various segments of the value chain: downstream, midstream, upstream, upstream, and emerging trends in the growing renewables sector. EVC is a very holistic and well-rounded conference that attendees enjoy and learn from – not just appraisers.

Houston’s 10th Annual Award Winning EVC was widely attended by Accountants; Appraisers accredited in business valuation, machinery & technical specialties, real property, personal property and Appraisal Reviewers; Financial Analysts, Investment Managers, Economists; Petroleum Engineers and Industry Executives as well as Expert Witnesses of various valuation and forensic specialties.

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Why Attend?

Do You Have Clients in the Energy Industry?

  • “I will say that it was just as top-notch as it gets. The content was superb and the smooth tech operations really made it one of the best virtual events I’ve attended yet. Your speakers and sessions were, truly, spectacular.”

Learn About the Outlook of the Energy Industry & Timeline of Recovery by Sector.

  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the virtual conference – found it to be very informative and right on point given our current social and economic environment. The speakers were excellent and I look forward to attending next year’s conference – virtual or in-person.”

Speakers are an Excellent & Well-Rounded Mix.

  • “It was the best virtual format event I have participated in over the last two months (and honestly, pretty wide gap relative to second best).”
  • Featured speakers were remarkable leaders from all sectors of the energy industry demonstrating a variety of perspectives in all disciplines: Business Valuation, Machinery & Technical Specialties, Appraisal Review & Management, Real Property, among other.”

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2021 EVC will be Virtual from 8:15 am to 5:15 pm on May 12, 2021.

ONLINE ONLY tickets may be purchased either from ASA Houston’s EVC webpage or Business Valuation Resources. BVR will produce the live webcast, and email a unique link to each registered attendee a few days before the conference. To inquire about your link to attend email BVR: or an EVC Co-Chair.


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Wednesday May 12, 2021

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